This past week I enjoyed learning about and using multi-dimensional arrays. I felt confident in this area, even to the point where I was more vocal in my table group…not that they necessarily paid me any atention but whatever.

I feel like I have gained a lot of knowledge over the course of the semester and while not everything I type may be correct, I am pleased with how well I have understood things and how far I’ve come.

I’d still prefer to have not changed groups as this table group is not helpful or vocal, nor do they offer advice.




These past few weeks we have tackled loops, arrays, and methods.

Loops have been the most difficult thing for me to grasp, especially since we have used them for strings which I feel a little iffy about.

Arrays are interesting, and simple enough to use. I liked using them in a for loop so that way multiple strings could be put in alphabetical order.

Methods are, seemingly, simple enough. We just got into them so I will lightly hold my opnion until I know more. I think methods should be taught right after If statements instead of a few chapters later just because what we’ve learned so far would have been benefical fore knowledge when tacking assignments.

I have gotten used to my new group, though I still like my old table group better.

Reflection 2/25

This past week was our first test and I realized that I needed to make improvements on my understanding of If statements as far as what it means when an additional int is declared within the if statement and how the system outs are affected. Along with If statements, I planned to study up on Switch Case statements as well. We had one on the test and I had the right anwser then changed it. We just hadn’t done much with them in class so I wasn’t entirely confident in my answer…but definitely should have left it as my original choice.

In order to study I used the kahoot test prep, as well as other quizzes on Kahoot. I found it beneficial and took notes on which questions I got wrong, going back into the chapters or assignments to find the right anwsers. I did the Kahoot by myself just because I knew I would focus better that way. I really liked using it as a study tool because it’s timed. While the count down during class is sometimes nerve racking, the count day for the test prep really allowed me to see what I knew right off the bat versus what took me more time. The things that took me longer on, I chose to review.

In preparation for the future lecture tests, I fully intend to review the conceptual questions that we do as post lab assignments and take notes on the ones I dont understand. I also plan to do whatever future test preps are assigned and use the in-class practice exams that we do before each lecture day. Those were really helpful and the scratch offs were fun.

Lastly, pretty please let me have my original group back. They were so much better and actually helped and we all bounced questions and ideas around, whereas my new table has snooty people where they don’t acknowledge my questions, or if they do, they don’t answer and that is not the kind of environment I’m going to learn anything in.

Reflection 2/9

This week was a long week. I learned about if-else statements and what is needed with those versus what is not. I feel like I am mostly on track with the class work but I need to spend a little more time studying if-else statements and whats allowed with those and different ways you can write them.

Typically I feel proficient where I am at when we are doing class activities, Thursday though I felt iffy about them because again, it was dealing with if-else statements, and for other reasons which I will explain in a moment.

The biggest things I need to work on are simplifying my programming – I just really tend to over think the steps that are needed in it. I also need to work on the if-else because during lab the thing messing me up is I thought I always had to have a phrase within the parentheses. Like, I thought the else statement needed parentheses and a statement to begin with and that’s not always the case. Apparently, you don’t always need an else statement to begin with.

As far as my group is concerned, I am really annoyed you guys switched. My first group was the perfect setting for me to learn in and see different perspectives. Now, my group is divided and no one talks or offers to help anyone or explain a difficult piece of information so I am stuck on my own trying to figure out where people are at in the group and how things are being done and if I am on the right track. I really recommend giving me my table back, please.

Lastly, my TA is lacking a syllabus on our lab page which is really inconvenient for trying to plan with lab test are so if someone can talk to him about that, that’d be cool.

Summary 1/30 & 2/01

I feel that my understanding of Java has taken great leaps and bounds this week. This is due mainly to our Post Lab-1 submission just because that was an activity I had to do on my own, catch the mistakes, and work out the kinks by myself. It really showed me which lines were needed, which lines weren’t, and how to allow a user to add their on numbers. I’d originally done the whole program as a math problem, declaring my own value to ouput a specific answer rather than leaving the input value up to the user. The in class activities has been helpful as well, just because they give me a visual reference to return to later if I am stuck on something. I think I am mostly on track. I understand pretty much everything we talk about in class, I’m just a little iffy about the increment statements (++a, a++). Like sometimes I’ve got it and other times I don’t. I’m impressed with what I’ve learned in the class so far. It has given me really cool, though basic, understanding of how a computer works and that was one of my goals for this class.

Areas of improvement…would it make sense if I said I need to improve my programming by shortnening my programming? I’ve noticed I tend to overthink when I’m developing a program, and adding steps that, while they don’t mess up the end result, just aren’t necessary for the program.

The thing I like most about this class is that we actively learn while in a group setting. Not so I can bum the answers off my fellow table mates, but instead, gain a better perspective on some things such as “it’s better to write it this way instead of that way because of…etc”. It also makes me feel more confident about my personal skills with programming because if I say something like ” This is whatever answer because of whichever method, correct?” and I get it right, it’s like hell’s yeah, I’m understanding the concept. Not to mention, I’m the only girl at my table so when I get something right, especially when some of the guys get wrong and I get to explain why it’s wrong, it’s like middle school – “Girls rule, suck on that!” In more proper, polite terms – it is empowering. As far as the group dynamic, we all work really well together. We are a power team. We share ideas, bounce “reasons why” statements around, and again with me being the only girl, it makes me happy that they are a chill group of guys. They aren’t intimidating nerd power houses. We all help each other and explain without judgement. The groups only flaw is that they are easily side tracked so sometimes it’s hard to bring them back to the task at hand. No big deal. Truly, my group is the best group environment for me to learn in because of how we all are together.

Lastly, if I say the entire teaching admin in my class is the, do I get extra brownie points on the final?

ITSC Introduction

The name is Emily. There is noting particularly spectacular about me, more just the average college student who wonders if living in a card board box is less stressful than every day college life. The thing about college, society expects you to know exactly what you want to do with your life. The problem, we are so young! How are we supposed to know? We usually don’t. I don’t. I have changed my major once now and might just change it again. That’s why I am taking this computer science class. Programming interests me. I want to see what I can do with it and what it can do for me.

Thinking forward, if I were to change my major it would be to Bioinformatics when encompasses computer programming. Coding, sorting, and anything else information related is highly important when it comes to DNA. If not bioinformatics, perhaps I will try my hand at videogame programming and design. I mean, why not?

I think just learning the basics of how a computer works is good knowledge to have anyways so no matter what I choose to do with this course, anything I learn will be beneficial!